The Alejandro Hilton Band - Live from Ludwigsburg

Partying, traveling and making music for 15 years. This is one band, you can’t box!! So many different styles and influences, that you have to decide wether to love it or hate it! 

We decided to make an online concert for y’all!! Live from Ludwigsburg, a city with the slogan “attractive, animated and creative”. This 300-year-old city, it’s full of culture and amazing architecture, with an homonymous castle and fun festivals throughout the year.

This concert includes a newly released song called “The Edge of Space”, written by Alejandro Hilton and produced by Markus Klenk in A-stereo-id Studios located in Stuttgart, Germany.

The titles you will find in this concert are:

Apartments for Rent

Magic Trail

No lo puedo evitar

Man on the road

Scar on my soul

Rockero de Acero

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