From The Sofa Podcast. Episode: "I put a spell on you"


The first podcast episode: “I put a spell on you”. 

Every Friday, Lenny and Alejandro bring you a new episode where they discuss about a cover song Alejandro made, the bands history, the music industry and traveling. This time we discuss this song covered by 12 different artists and bands. Lenny also talks about working with the American comedian Charles Prather. Make sure to subscribe to our Podcast in your favorite Platform. Just click the link on Bio:

Gwen Cobain and Alejandro Hilton

On this Episode, you will a cover from the song by Screaming' Jay "I put a spell on you".

Chad Prather

Lenny also talks about his work with Chad Prather and other musicians on this Podcast, Chad will have a show in Nashville, and we will give you some tips in the Music Business.

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