New song released!! New video coming this Spring!!

 "Scar On My Soul" is our latest release, you can listen to it where ever you listen to your favorite music online!!!

Severin Hardy was featured in the song as a rapper, but he is also a filmmaker. Thanks to him, we decided to start recording a green screen video in his Studio in Stuttgart "A-stereo-id. Markus "Mad Mark" Klenk is a producer also in this studio. 

Together we wrote the song, the lyrics were written by Alejandro and Severin, but the music and arrangements were done by Markus. 

The Band has delayed their touring plans due to Corona, but hopefully we will be on the road again soon!! I think we all miss being on the road. 

We are a six piece band with Johannes Foltin on Keyboards, Nazim Sabuncu on Lead Guitar, Anil Ogutveren on Drums, Mad Mark on rhythm guitar, Severin featured on Vocals and Alejandro Hilton on Bass and Lead Vocals.

Johannes from Stuttgart, Germany, has ten fingers and uses some of them to play the keys.

Nazim is a guitarist and singer from Stuttgart. His trademark is his oriental or psychedelic 'krautrock' flavor he has in his melodies and sounds. At the same time he feels at home in the Blues, Funk and Rock worlds. With his bands Shaman of Metropolis and Limanja he has won several awards from 2007 until today regularly and toured with them mainly in Germany.

You can listen to us clicking the link below: 

Pictures while making the video:

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